What are ZIP LOXX Hair Extensions?

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS is the newest revolution in hair extensions. The ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS mechanism is a hybrid design that can be used as a short-term or long-term option and is a healthier alternative for the hair and scalp. The unique construction offers an eco-friendly, reusable, and effortless application and removal process, without jeopardizing the integrity of the clients hair.ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS are handcrafted with precision, using the highest quality plastic materials and 100% human remy hair. To learn more, CLICK HERE.


ZIP LOXX Hair Extensions are created using a weightless, flexible, plastic zip mechanism attached to the hair and installed using the ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS Ztool. For best results, apply XXtend Dry Shampoo to hair prior to installation. To learn more about how to use the Ztool,CLICK HERE.

Are ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS clip-ins and do you have to remove them at night?

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS are not clip-ins and they do not have to be removed at night. ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS is a unique hybrid mechanism that provides the benefits of long and short term wear. The application method allows you to sleep comfortably with ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS in your hair. To reduce stress on the scalp, we recommend adjustments every 2 weeks. ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS can be quickly and easily adjusted during a blow out service, at this point in time the hair can also be cleansed.

Can I wear ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS long-term?

The ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS mechanism was uniquely constructed for long-term extension users. After ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS is installed we highly recommend adjustments every 2 weeks to maintain the quality and integrity of the hair and scalp, making ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS the safest option for long-term users. ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS can withstand washes and heat as well as exercise and even swimming.

How many hair extension packs do I need for a full head?

Choix & Superbe extensions come with 10

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS wefts in 1 pack of hair. To add:

  • Slight length and volume - use 1 pack
  • Extra length and volume - use 2 packs
  • Ultimate length, thickness and volume - use 3 to 4 packs

NeXXt extensions come with 4

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS wefts in 1 pack of hair.

How many different types of hair does


ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS currently offers two types of hair.

  1. The highest quality extensions are made from 100% human remy hair Choix available in 45 different colors Superb is available in 21 different colors.
  2. We also released a new line of NeXXt hair extensions made from synthetic fibers and available in 30 different colors.

How do I care for my ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS Hair Extensions?

It is very important to take care of your hair extensions to prolong the longevity of the hair. For the best results, wash hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Refresh your look with our XXtend Dry Shampoo between washes and prior to installation. To condition and revitalize the extensions, spray XXtend Restorative Treatment on towel dried hair after washing and before applying styling aids. XXtend Restorative treatment adds vitamins and moisturizers to keep your extensions healthy, strong and vibrant in and out of your hair.


ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS was designed to stay securely in place at the scalp. In order for the mechanism to slip it would have to be tugged on or pulled using a generous amount of force, or the extensions were not properly installed. Two weeks after ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS has been applied, you will notice that the mechanism has naturally moved away from the scalp, making the client aware of the adjustment period. To learn more about applying ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS,CLICK HERE.

*Please Note: Potential slippage can occur in individuals with very fine hair.

How do I properly remove ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS from the package?

To remove your ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS Hair Extensions from the plastic card, begin by using the pad of your thumb to flip open the first prong. Once you have pulled the first prong open, continue to open each prong by gently pulling apart the mechanism with one hand and securing it with the other. This will help prongs pop open smoothly and minimize any damage to the ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS mechanism. Once all of the hair wefts are properly removed, we highly recommend bending the plastic a few times making it more flexible and user friendly and most importantly, ready for installation.

Tip: Using a blowdryer for 5-10 seconds on the hair band slightly warms the plastic and helps loosen the prongs resulting in an easier removal process.


How do you remove ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS from the head?

Simply place one hand on the back end of the mechanism, and with your other hand you will use the pad of your thumb to flip open the first prong. Once the first prong is open, hold each opened prong with your finger and gently pull apart the mechanism until it slides out of the hair. To learn more about how to remove ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS,CLICK HERE.

What is the difference between Choix and Superbe hair extensions?

Superbe and Choix are made with the same 100% human remy hair and the same high quality plastic materials. Both microbands provide extreme flexibility, durability and comfort.


  • Lace front and hand-knotted onto the mechanism, appearing as if it is growing straight from the root for a completely invisible finish.
  • Can be worn with confidence around the temple and hairline.
  • The seamless mechanism is perfect for clients who like to wear their hair up and those who want more volume at the root. To learn more about Superbe extensions, CLICK HERE.


  • Choix microbands use a high density plastic that the hair is attached to then laced onto the mechanism.
  • At 1/12 of an inch, choix microbands are slightly visible giving them an almost seamless finish. As a result, the choix mechanism is perfect for anyone looking to add volume, length, and comfort for an all over seamless finish. To learn more about Choix extensions,CLICK HERE.

When placed appropriately under the right sections, Superbe and Choix can be used together for added length, volume and style.

How long can I wear ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS before needing an adjustment?

The ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS mechanism is a hybrid design combining the benefits of long and short term extensions. Our priority at ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS is to protect the integrity of the hair which is why we recommend that ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS are adjusted biweekly to alleviate stress and allow stylists to cleanse the scalp. After 2 weeks, the hair naturally grows and the mechanism moves further away from the root which is why an adjustment is necessary to ensure ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS are always in place.

*An adjustment is simply removing the

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS and re-installing.

How many times can I wear

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS and how long does it last?

The innovation behind the

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS mechanism was meant so that the extensions can be worn over and over again, for an unlimited amount of zips.

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS can be worn long-term or as a temporary accent. While we guarantee your hair for 6 months, ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS can last over 12 months if properly cared for.

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS are a risk free, stress free product for stylists and clients.

What are Intermixx hair extensions?

Intermixx hair extensions are a combination of Ombre and Balayage or highlights designed to prevent damage to your hair with color and/or bleach. To learn more about Intermixx extensions, CLICK HERE.

What does PB stand for?

PB stands for Piano Bar. This hair extension is highlighted with multi dimensional color. There are 3 different color choices in the PB category. In just minutes, Piano Bar offers the convenience and the benefit of highlights without any damage to the hair and scalp. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Does ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS have to be installed by a salon professional?

We always recommend visiting your professional stylist for proper application, customization, and style.ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS was created to be quick, easy and user friendly making it absolutely possible to install and remove at your convenience. With ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS, we are eliminating the painful, messy, time consuming install and removal process with no damage and stress for the stylist and/or consumer.

How are ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS damage-free?

The ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS mechanism was designed with a weightless, flexible, plastic zip mechanism that locks into place with our Ztool. We do not use glue, tape, heat, bonding or sewing methods that can cause damage to the hair and scalp. Absolutely no additional products are used to install and remove ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS, making it the safest and healthiest option on the market today. This innovative design was specifically handcrafted using the highest quality materials and hair making ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS the future of hair extensions!
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