Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

ZIP LOXX Hair Extensions

We are hair extension innovators

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS are a game-changer that celebrates a bold new era of health, eco-awareness, speed and safety in the history of hair extensions. At ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS, our goal was to make hair extensions healthier for scalp and hair, eco-conscious with less waste, faster to apply and remove without stress or risk to client and stylist, as well as invisible and challenge-free. After 4000 hours of engineering, development and extensive testing with salons, editorial and celebrity stylists, Priel, Inventor and Artistic Director, perfected ZIP LOXX Hair Extensions, a true breakthrough that has already been patented in the US and globally. And it’s changed everything.


ZIP LOXX - HAIR EXTENSIONS Z Tool is required to install ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS. The Z Tool is a 4 pronged instrument with a pin tail end that allows you to easily section and lock the hair extension onto the clients hair.

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