Professional Stylist Priel has been thrilling clients with his hair extension expertise for 30 years. But until now, extensions have always come with a potential price. Priel would advise his clients to take a pain reliever before and after installation as the process sometimes caused headaches. More concerning, if any extensions applied using semi-permanent methods (such as tape-in, glue-in, bonded, microlink or sew-in) were accidentally pulled too hard during daily wear, they could tear hair out at the root. This troubled Priel. He wondered why, when advancements were being made every day in other sectors, there were none in extensions. He thought there must be a better way. So, he embarked on a journey to do something about it.

He began by collaborating with a team of engineers with three goals in mind: First and foremost, invent a smart, easy-to-use design that would safeguard the hair and scalp, second, alleviate the onerous and sometimes painful installation process, and finally, be a more sustainable product.

Countless prototypes and 4,000 hours of engineering design later, the patented ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ mechanism was born. With ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™, if an extension is pulled too hard, it will simply slide down the hair. It can then be unlocked and reapplied without any damage to the hair or scalp. Priel says that is the genius of ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™.

The truly revolutionary, smart design of ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ is an innovation that promises to change the way everyone envisions hair extensions. Safer. Healthier. Painless. More versatile. Easier and quicker to install. Clients will never again need to take pain relievers to have their extensions put in. Astonishingly, a full head application of ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ takes less than a half hour. ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ can be installed for a few moments, hours, days or weeks, providing unprecedented flexibility for wearers. Best of all, they can be reused over and over, making them eco-friendly to the environment and the planet.

Priel believes that ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ is the future of hair extensions and a much-needed solution for current hair extension users and want-to-be users all over the world. He invites you to join him in the ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ Hair Extension Revolution and help embolden and empower everyone to achieve their most beautiful life.
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