ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ Extensions Can Drive Your Hair Color Business (Yes, Really…)

Many clients want color, but remain hesitant to commit to it because they don’t know if it will be flattering. As we all know, holding a tiny color swatch next to a client’s face or playing with a virtual reality interface is not an ideal way to try and help them imagine themselves with gorgeous new highlights or streaks of fabulous pink or purple hair.

The ingenious design of the ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ mechanism allows salon clients to instantly “try on” full length color during a consultation and see how they look would right there in the mirror (or a selfie). Stylists and clients can play around with different shades until they determine which are the best matches for skins tone or facial features. Seeing the color on themselves can provide the confidence they need to become happy and profitable color clients for your salons (and what salon doesn’t love those?). And, if they like how much volume and body ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ can add to their hair, they may just become extensions clients, as well.

We’re all in for the win win.
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