When working with his celebrity and model clients for photoshoots, TV, film or runway, one of Priel’s trade secrets was to customize extensions for them by piecing together different kinds to create an invisible, seamless look. These custom creations are highly prized for their undetectability to the naked eye. Until now, they have been the secret of the Hollywood and Fashion elite, but the new ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ Superbe line makes them available to everyone. Starlets, models, fashionistas and regular people alike are all clamoring to get their hands (and heads) on Superbe.

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ Superbe’s hand-knotted design provides a completely invisible finish and is the most undetectable extension available in the world. Superbe can be used with confidence at the temple and hairline areas as they will appear to be growing from the root.

Each set takes hours to create, as the strips are meticulously created by highly skilled craftsmen in an intricately detailed process where hair is hand knotted and then sewn onto the patented ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ mechanism. Superbe has been called the most beautifully crafted extension on the market.

Now that you know the secret to Hollywood Hair, you can have it, too. We call that the democratization of fabulous hair.
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